Cocaine Addiction

A study conducted in 2013 found that treatment for cocaine addiction makes up an estimated 6% of drug abuse treatments conducted in the U.S. It was also found that the majority of individuals (68%) who seek treatment for cocaine abuse struggle with addiction to at least one other substance. In the case of co-occurring addictions (as well as co-occurring disorders), it is important to address both issues simultaneously to ensure total wellbeing and successful recovery. At Freeman Recovery Center, we offer cocaine addiction treatment in Dickson, TN near Nashville that addresses all complexities involved in drug abuse recovery.

We take a comprehensive approach to drug treatment with services that addresses behavioral, psychological, pharmacological, and other aspects of addiction. Our individual and group therapies offer men both the unique approach to care they need and an environment of understanding and support.

Often drug addiction stems from physical, emotional, or mental health problems that must be addressed for lasting wellbeing. Individual therapy builds understanding and trust between the individual and our expert therapists to help visitors understand their conditions on a personal level. Our staff help visitors work through individual problems and are here to provide continuous support and resources both during and after treatment.

Group therapy allows visitors to draw support by interacting with those walking a similar path, and allows individuals to form and develop healthy methods of communication. Because each individual comes with his own unique challenges, we offer several different types of group therapy to provide effective and meaningful support. In addition to traditional talk therapies, we offer experiential therapies involving actions and movements. Our group therapies include support groups, activity groups, skill training groups, and expressive therapies (such as art and music therapy).

If your loved one is seeking treatment for cocaine or other substance addiction, please contact Freeman Recovery Center to learn how we can be of help.

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